Down in San Pedro berth 73.

There was a riverboat called the Ibelieve.

She was dirty,paint gone,and smelly.

Without her 7 bildge pumps,she float up her belly.

Firetrucks would come and pump her out.

But her green Captain would shoot off his mouth.

The blue water I sailed her to sea.

I warned the Captain the weather was rough

he shrugged his shoulders and said thats enough.

I look again at the sea

Waves were flying over bridge trying to get me.

We were paralell riding in the trough.

I said my God this is enough.

I knew where to go in a terrible storm

To the island lee side we be safe from that storm.

The green Skipper’s face was white as a sheet.

He turned over the boat to me.

I  turned the wheel into the house sized waves.

& Around the reef and I prayed.

At the island I set me anchor.

As I looked I could see a Supertanker.

3 days and nights we sat on anchor.

i proved who was the real skipper.

I took him and caught him two tons of fish.

His eye grew wide as a dish.

Back to San Pedro to sell are fish.

Knowing at home my girl would be waiting with a dish.

Back to berth 73.

He payed me,and then I was free.