i though wordpress would be friendly as can be.
But I guess the only one having fun was me.
So all I can leave you all is my little book.
maybe some here will read in their warm nook.


Down in San Pedro berth 73.

There was a riverboat called the Ibelieve.

She was dirty,paint gone,and smelly.

Without her 7 bildge pumps,she float up her belly.

Firetrucks would come and pump her out.

But her green Captain would shoot off his mouth.

The blue water I sailed her to sea.

I warned the Captain the weather was rough

he shrugged his shoulders and said thats enough.

I look again at the sea

Waves were flying over bridge trying to get me.

We were paralell riding in the trough.

I said my God this is enough.

I knew where to go in a terrible storm

To the island lee side we be safe from that storm.

The green Skipper’s face was white as a sheet.

He turned over the boat to me.

I  turned the wheel into the house sized waves.

& Around the reef and I prayed.

At the island I set me anchor.

As I looked I could see a Supertanker.

3 days and nights we sat on anchor.

i proved who was the real skipper.

I took him and caught him two tons of fish.

His eye grew wide as a dish.

Back to San Pedro to sell are fish.

Knowing at home my girl would be waiting with a dish.

Back to berth 73.

He payed me,and then I was free.

 You wouldn’t think its something to see.But it is the world to me,I lusted and longed for one,now my jobs wil be easy and done before the setting sun.Shes light weight and easy to handle,I feel like setting a Roman candle.One ,two, three pumps I’m under the car,looking at grime and road tar.my new jack is something to see,she’s in the living room right next to me.

 This is not a advertisment for Mercedes,I’am in know way working,or being paid.I’am just stating facts,and affection.

 Many well off people insist on buying the best that money can buy,however at least here in America,they never recoup their loss.You lose the minute you sign and drive,your car loses value.

 What if I told you theres a vehicle,that last longer than some houses.

 While the rich take a financial loss on these vehicles,cause they have to have a new one,to keep up with the Joneses.; I and others buy these cars for 10% what they sold for.Not to many like used cars,I do if a Mercedes,these cars last over 30 years with the write mileage.Gasoline engines last over 400,000 miles,their diesels 800,000 or more.

 The key is regular maintence.Oil,is so much cheaper than metal,and these cars will prove it.Yes they may need,tires,brakes,chains,exhaust,plugs,or glow plugs,injectors,and misc… But these cars ,took care of deliver generations of use.

 This is where the rich lose their money.A S Class mercedes is the safest car too,worried about your children.This car will take of them from crib to teenager driving lessons.

 So think about,do you want to keep up with your neighbors,or drive a used car vastly superior to theirs.